Glad you're here! That OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibit offers a unique and interactive experience. There are exclusive workshops, artist talks and other events to help you expand your knowledge of urban art, graffiti and digital art. A unique opportunity to participate in the transformation and create value!

Dear freelancers and those interested in art, art collectors, we cordially invite you to our second The OZM Gallery Sunday im OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibit on February 19, 2023. Come by and discover new works of art, exchange ideas and enjoy a day full of creativity and inspiration. You can register at [OZMAI]


The OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibit is a unique 3500 sqm gallery and an experience not to be missed. Discover works by legendary graffiti artists such as DAIM, Loomit, Darco, ArtOne and Oz and artificial intelligence OZMAI.

Loomit, DAIM, Darco FBI,  ArtOne, MIR, DCN, Anna Pokrywiec, GODLING, Lady Wave, Ace Tea,  Anek, DavisOne, Dirk Vorndamme, René Falk Thomasius,  Paco Sanchez, Matten Shredconnection, reizflut, SIMO, Raumtaucher, YAMZO, HEIMKIND, OZMAI  and Oz.



m² of exhibition space

Here are the free personal tickets for visiting the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN exhibit.

Art by the graffiti legends, among others Oz., Darco FBI, DAIM and LOOMIT.

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One take video from ANEK - Process of creation OZM  HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibits filmed and edited over many years of work is constantly updated.

Unique Art

Darco FBI | Mot de passe

Our Online Store offers a wide range of artworks, motifs and products handmade by artists. We pride ourselves on providing a platform for quality and unique art that offers something for everyone. Discover the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Gallery and get inspired by the incredible designs and colors of the artists!

HAMMERBROOKLYN | Silk screen | Handmade – NEO Limited Edition | by Matten Shredconnection


LoRaWAN network
In cooperation with Stromnetz Hamburg, we integrate dozens of IOT devices in the LoRaWAN network OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN – which the probes, sensors and control devices from OZMAI are. This is another building block for an extended perception of the integrated artificial intelligence and uses additional possibilities for autonomous interaction in the building.

The HAMMERBROOKLYNproject could have been a child's dream. Were it not for the prospect three decades later, the etymology of the word Hammerbrooklyn to be discovered in the urban living space. Myths have their origin - so does that myth of HAMMERBROOKLYN, which began a quarter of a century ago in Hamburg - then still no man's land - Hammerbrook. In order to keep a narrative ultimately understandable, it follows certain patterns and thus illustrates the same stereotypes over and over again: Stereotypes that were actually broken up and left behind in this context.

Today this mode of representation can only be vividly narrated anew and in a way never before attempted. This also requires some imagination, the effect of which causes a change in perception: experience a temporary performance of people and medium, and an exhibit with symbolic power is created, the essence of which forms a high social value. So dive in and experience a world that can merge with your own story.

Join and become part of a living network.

It's wonderful to see yourself HAMMERBROOKLYN has developed over the years. It's a unique way to have an interactive and adaptable art experience. We invite everyone to participate and the transformation of the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Witness exhibits into a sculpture for added value and social arrangements.

Transparent watercolor ground
Social impact

The visit of OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibits is completely free, but we would be happy if you support us with a donation. Every donation helps us to maintain our events and exhibitions. Many thanks for your support!





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