The OZM Gallery Sunday
12: 00 18 to: 00 pm
on June 25th, 2017,

Dear art friends,

experience Urban Art up close in the OZM Gallery! On 3.500 square meters we offer a unique gallery experience and free Visitor tickets at. We are not only a place of art, but also a place of encounter and exchange. Unfortunately, we recently received a heating bill of €42,084,30, which is a huge burden for us. To the OZM Gallery and our
non-profit processingt be able to continue, we urgently need your help now.

We cordially invite you to visit us at our events art to purchase one of our talented artists or one Donation to do. Every contribution, big or small, helps us achieve our goals and continue our work. Be inspired by art and experience unforgettable days at our events in the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN.

We look forward to your visit.


The OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibit is a unique 3.500 sqm gallery and an experience not to be missed. Discover works by legendary graffiti artists such as DAIM, Loomit, Darco, ArtOne and Oz as well as artificial intelligence OZMAI.

Loomit, DAIM, Darco FBI,  ArtOne, MIR, DCN, Anna Pokrywiec, GODLING, Lady Wave, Ace Tea,  Anek, DavisOne, Dirk Vorndamme, René Falk Thomasius,  Paco Sanchez, Matten Shredconnection, reizflut, SIMO, Raumtaucher, YAMZO, HEIMKIND, OZMAI  and Oz.



m² of exhibition space

Here are the free personal tickets for visiting the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN exhibit.

Art Catalogue

The OZM (OneZeroMore) is an innovative art gallery and non-profit GmbH (gGmbH) based in Hamburg, Germany. The OZM gGmbH is committed to making art accessible to everyone, using the latest technologies. The gallery has a unique Portfolio contemporary art, that of established ones Artists to up-and-coming talent. OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN is also a place of exchange and cooperation. It creates networks of artists, art lovers, technology experts and companies to encourage innovation and creativity.

The purchase of works of art from the OZM-Catalog allows not only to acquire a unique work of art, but also to make a positive social impact. Because the purchase not only supports the artists and contributes to the promotion of their careers, but also social projects and initiatives that are run by OZM get supported. Thus, the acquisition of a work of art from the OZMcatalog can be viewed as a form of social impact investing.

Art by the graffiti legends, among others Oz, Darco FBI, DAIM and Loomit.

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One-take video by ANEK. It shows the process of creation OZM  HAMMERBROOKLYN exhibits. The video was filmed, edited and edited over many years is constantly updated.

Unique Art

Our Online Store offers a wide range of artworks, motifs and products that are handmade by the artists and that you can find in the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Gallery can find. Support the artists with your purchase and receive a piece of art that beautifies your surroundings and charges it with an inspiring ambience.

HAMMERBROOKLYN | Silk screen | Handmade – NEO Limited Edition | by Matten Shredconnection
Discover now the unique and stylish t-shirts from HAMMERBROOKLYN and show your individual style! Our label has a 31-year history and stands for quality and innovation in digital transformation. With our t-shirts you can not only spice up your outfit, but also make a statement and show that you stand for progress and creativity. Each shirt is hand-printed with great attention to detail, i.e. by Matten Shredconnection. This one is unique. Order your favorite motif now and become part of our community!


LoRaWAN network
In cooperation with Stromnetz Hamburg, we integrate dozens of IOT devices in the LoRaWAN network OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN – which the probes, sensors and control devices from OZMAI are. This is another building block for an extended perception of the integrated artificial intelligence and uses additional possibilities for autonomous interaction in the building.

OZM-Trust concept

It makes sense and is worth striving for the trust concept of OZM to use. It is based on the values ​​of openness, cooperation and trust and attaches great importance to social responsibility and education. These values ​​are important to many people and organizations and can help foster positive and productive collaboration.
The OZM-Trust concept can be seen as a kind of beehive. The beehive consists of many small honeycombs, each of which represents a small ecosystem. Each comb has its own function and contributes to the overall success of the hive, for example by producing honey or serving as a hatchery. Just as the honeycombs in the hive work together and complement each other, so can the various hexahedrons in the OZM-Trust concept can be viewed as areas that work together to complete the whole concept. Through cooperation with other partners, further "honeycombs" can be added to expand and improve the trust concept.

Social impact

The visit of OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibits is completely free, but we would be happy if you support us with a donation. Every donation helps us to maintain our events and exhibitions. Many thanks for your support!

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