The artist André Weiers, also known by his pseudonym Raumtaucher, works in a wide variety of disciplines. Creatively, he feels particularly at home in the 3D world. In this special field he works as a designer, illustrator and animator. He was inspired here by science fiction films such as "Star Wars", "Blade Runner" or "Tron". Created in his 3-D works Raumtaucher spectacular and fantastic virtual spaces that people can immerse themselves in and also experience physically.
Raumtaucher also had an advertising agency for 15 years and was involved in the realization of various commercials and music videos for clients such as BMW and Nivea. In addition, together with the Timeslice film production company, he created 3D worlds and products for clients that could be experienced emotionally.

André Weiers

Through many years of practicing kung fu, his studies in philosophy and computer science as well as his illustration and animation work, he also deals with scientific topics that relate to perception (brain research) and cognition (philosophy). On top of that works Raumtaucher also on book concepts on the topics of brain research, neuroscience and martial arts.

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