Once again we were not idle and continued to participate in the exhibitions within the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN exhibits worked. Therefore we look forward to having a vernissage with you on November 12th ArtOne to start. The exhibition is entitled "Aerosol HandStyles" and shows great skill and a feeling for shapes and colours. It is then not surprising that an unforeseen depth of graffiti art emerges from a recurring "TAG" (signature of the writer) in the most diverse variations, which connects it to its origin. Grandiose way is “ArtOne” predestined to make a statement as an active part of the graffiti scene with his signature abbreviation, because the “One” stands for the 1st in the graffiti culture from New York City. This makes this name unique and thereby writes together with the exhibition “Aerosol HandStyles” in the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibit also directly art history.

ArtOne (* 1971) is one of Hamburg's graffiti veterans; since 1991 several canvas works by him can be found in the inventory of the Altonaer Museum. In his art he combines, among other things, glazing techniques with typographic styles or tags and thus creates a special kind of aesthetics. His experiences, which he made as a master of interior painting and internationally sought-after craftsman, connects ArtOne with his deepest passion, graffiti.


ArtOne © 2017 Colorful Aerosol Handstyles On Chinese Silk Wallpaper

ArtOne | Aerosol HandStyles “A picture must always match the interior. Not only because of the art, it has to be art in itself, but for me the aspect that art also suits the interior is important. This is very important. It takes a good look for art to fit into the environment. That there is always a connection somewhere." (ArtOne, 2021) ArtOne: That's two words combined into one with a strong one

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