DAIM is particularly well-known for his 3D-style depictions, in which he presents and further develops his signature in the very individual manner typical of graffiti. He began his career as a freelance artist in the early 1990s. He also studied at the University of Art and Design Lucerne in Switzerland.

The of DAIM The letters created are characterized by a perfect mix of traditional graffiti elements in combination with a geometric design principle, which usually shows large areas of color with abstract-looking forms. As soon as the letters are disassembled and reassembled according to a new order, a new one is created Einheit. This enables the recipient to decode the forms. Simultaneously, the artist captures the optical effects of light and the volatile visual impact of fleeting moments in his works.

"It's going ok mir not about painting something that looks great, I paint what makes me special” In an interview with Mirko Reisser, who realized the first mural of the current project UpTheWall. Mirko Reisser, too DAIM called, is not proud of his career as a world-renowned graffiti artist. He's just happy, claiming his success has more to do with social development than with his skill. These and his visions have brought him to the position in which the 49-year-old artist, who belongs to the first generation of graffiti sprayers, is today. If you take the S-Bahn along the Hammerbrook-Hauptbahnhof route, you can't help but be spellbound by the large-scale mural of DAIM watch. Day by day, the complex structures of the lettering take on a more closed form, which means that they simultaneously gain in openness and seem to penetrate deeper and deeper into the environment. The work has thus already fulfilled the most important requirement of the basic idea of ​​UpTheWall: the interior of the OZM is made visible to the outside and brings the first offensive change in the industrial and business district. The mural could be for the

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