You should be more than excited, because with Time will tell goes Darco FBI another formative artistic step and with this work raises his art to a higher level. in the old OZM-Gallery was with him Higher level already achieved something amazing by giving the white cube a completely new appearance. Due to the huge format of the graffiti, the experience of the exhibition space was also strongly focused and thus an incredibly haunting spatial effect was evoked, which contrasted with the usual atmosphere of the white cube. Continued reached Darco FBI with  Higher levelthat a connection between two contrary contexts (street and art institution) is possible. Now it's going one step higher, because the artist will clearly combine the outside with the inside and also use new materials.

Darco, graffiti artist, was born in Germany and has lived in France, Paris, since he was 7 years old. He is known both nationally and internationally in the graffiti scene. With Gawki, he founded the legendary sprayer group FBI (Faboulus Bomb Inability), which developed into one of the most recognized graffiti artist collectives. In '89 he was the first graffiti artist in France to be convicted of property damage. His requirement was to immortalize himself on the walls of the French train company SNCF and on part of Paris's Gare du Nord. Since '91 is Darco freelance artist. Some of his works have been bought and exhibited by renowned museums such as the Center Georges Pompidou, the Grand Palais or the Palais de Tokyo. He has had a connection to Hamburg since the 90s, when he worked here with other international graffiti artists, among other things Loomit and Daim, large wall projects.

Darco FBI in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn

"The highest form of art is the total work of art in which the boundaries between art and non-art are abolished." (Kurt Schwitters) Being normal is monotonous and colorless. And that's exactly what the artist does Darco FBI from France, one of the best international sprayers, with his unique graffiti at the Sternschanze S-Bahn station in Hamburg. On behalf of the Germans

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