Oliver "Davis" Nebel is a Hamburg graffiti veteran! He has been with the company since 1987, first making a name for himself as the editor of the graffiti fanzines "Dosenspuk" and "Beastie Boyzs", later as art director at the hip-hop magazine "Backspin". Today the communication designer mostly works for big labels like e.g. B. "Satch", "Adidas" and "Schuh Kay" at sales locations on the way to individually design branded articles with airbrush and can. As an educator (FH / 1st educational path) he is known as one of the best workshop leaders in the country. He instructs young people in schools, youth centres, the HipHop Academy or the STAMP Festival as well as adults as part of incentives on how to use the can.

You always wanted to know what your name looks like as graffiti, what cans are, a style is and what you need caps for? Already doing graffiti and want to improve? Professional sprayer Davis One shows how easy it is to make graffiti out of letters, create designs and implement it with a spray can.