Dirk Vorndamme

Anyone can put up posters. They hang out and don't make art out of it. Dirk Vorndamme, whose works are a composition of cuts in paper and watercolor, manages to breathe new life into a ubiquitous advertising medium after its death. He has been using a unique material for his pictures since the mid-1990s: he uses multi-layered billboards torn from the street to create illustrative collages. In doing so, he critically examines our environment in a pairing of pop art and illustrative comedy and wants to refer to both the “nasty and the critical side of art”. 

Dirk Vorndamme is well aware that art cannot always be beautiful and positive. A fact that he knows how to use constructively. His pictorial worlds are populated by skeletons and bones, elements that have always fascinated him. Extinct dinosaurs were his subject for a long time, but his pictorial scenarios currently revolve around the end of the human species. In his former studio in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel, not only did he create pictures, he also worked there on his great passion, the art of silversmithing.

Video + photo by Randy Rocket
Virtual Tour Photo by Randy Rocket