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Alex Heimkind aka HEIMKIND is the creative mind, navigator and founder of OZM gGmbH. Without him there wouldn't be only that exhibit HAMMERBROOKLYN and related exhibitionsspace for the artists and for ALL the not other creative minds, but neithern freen Place for their exchange as well for the many other projects the dthanks to HEIMCHILD are in the making. This includesin z. B. the project “digitality”, the completely new one Facets of digitization in Hammerbrook. wedt Evolution of the exhibit In addition, modular and mobile containers will be created that will take graffiti and urban art to a new level of exhibition conception.

But HEIMKIND is also an artist himself. He has been painting and composing digital music, riding a racing bike and doing kung fu since the 1990s. During this time he also founded his own clothing label and operated an online shop. His strength lies particularly in his interdisciplinary nature, because his creative creations are not only expressed through different genres (art, music, sports, programming and devising new original ideas), but they usually all start with the same initial questions and end up mixing often to a wonderful whole. Over the years, his artistic focus has been on physical as well as perceptible space. It means that HEIMKINDs intention is always aimed at using and designing a temporary autonomous zone in such a way that a change in the current reality is brought about in the recipient. He is now trying to realize these aspirations again together with the artists and his team in Hammerbrook.

Hammerbrooklyn Girl Black Skull Hoodie
Heimkind – illiterate
Heimkind | illiterate

Albums: Heimkind – Illiterate | 17 tracks | Time: 1:09:00

Heimkind – Hidden Room
Heimkind | hidden room

HEIMKINDs album "Hidden Room" is a continuation of the collaboration with the OneZeroMore Artspace, which started on the last album, in which urban artists from all over the world live and broadcast culture in a rarely seen concentration of culture. HEIMKIND has re-chiselled its refreshingly gloomy sound repertoire and surgically removed the entropy of old-time chaos. The multi-stranded network of industrial bass and the typical penetrating HEIMKIND-Sound vibrates through the ear, works in the head, flows through the body and stays in the blood for a long time. HEIMKIND on all levels...

Albums: Heimkind – Hidden Room | 23 tracks | Time: 1:41:12

Heimkind - Heimkind
Heimkind | Heimkind

The rapid, powerful and violent changes in the urban world space take your breath away and your heart. The Impact of the has been completely under the radar for over twenty years HEIMKIND grown and mutated in an unprecedented depth to a sound that raises us to the spiritually necessary levels to stay on the pulse.

For those who like to be alert.

Albums: Heimkind - Heimkind | 26 tracks | Time: 1:30:58