Loomit, one of the most famous graffiti artists of our time, discovered his passion for the graffiti scene at the age of fourteen. First a hobby, later an obsession! At fifteen, Mathias Köhler sprayed his first graffiti on the water tower in Buchloe. That was in 1983 and graffiti was still in its infancy in Germany. Two years later, under the pseudonym Cryptic2, he and six other sprayers painted Germany's first Whole Train, which would go down in Europe's graffiti history as the »Geltendorfer Zug«. In addition to excursions into filigree canvas work, the graffiti artist is known for his 3D lettering, which he learned from none other than the New York writer legend Seen. Works today Loomit as a freelance artist in Munich and has worked for various companies such as "Opel" and the Salzburg football stadium. 2002 became Loomit awarded the Schwabing Art Prize for his works.

Loomit OZM