Matten seebinds two different art forms, which he ended up becoming one Einheit can merge. First he creates seine Templates from different materials that diverse motifs and shapes demonstrate. After become dIESE im subsequent Printing process used, um artful Pproducte to create. In a nutshell, Matten is our screen printer and presents a further area with his art im OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN.

His career as an artistic master of printing began at the end of the 1980s in wild St. Pauli. Here he not only learned his trade autodidactically, but also founded his own Punrock skate store together with a friend. This quickly became a hip hotspot for local personalities from the hip-hop and graffiti scene. Also established Matten still has his own brand, which still exists today: Shredconnection.

For the OZM gGmbH prints Matten Art posters related to the works of our artists and available for purchase in limited editions. But there are also all kinds of printed textiles, which also always have a context to our artists, projects or exhibitions.

Im OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN there is also the possibility Matten to watch live at the screen printing or to take part in one of his screen printing workshops, where you get an interesting insight into this creative craft.

shred connection HAMMERBROOKLYN

Handmade – NEO limited edition
by Matten Shredconnection
lifetime is running out


HAMMERBROOKLYN | Silk screen | Handmade – NEO Limited Edition | by Matten Shredconnection

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