Michael Kiessling | GODLING

Michael Kiessling aka GODLING in the Karolinenviertel in Hamburg. Inspired by hip-hop culture, he started spraying in 1987. In 1991 he founded the UZI Crew (UZI = Urban Zone Infiltration) with like-minded people. He also painted on canvas early on, but always stayed true to the street. In 1991 he finished together with his comrade-in-arms ArtOne first place in the graffiti competition of the Altonaer Museum. These pictures have been in the museum collection ever since.
Today he works as a freelance artist, designer, poet and is constantly exploring other media and looking for new ways to mix them with graffiti. Today, this technical mix and various stays abroad are combined into an experimental style that does not adhere to conventions. GODLING cannot be defined either in terms of content or design, but paints with technical precision what concerns him personally.

Photos by Randy Rocket