reizflut, that is an artist group from Hamburg, whose name is not just an empty name, but an absolute program. The combo, consisting of the two friends Jakob and Jakob, creates visual "overstimulation" in places that you don't immediately see at first glance that they can also appear artistic. That's how they got in OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN chose the basement rooms in order to visually focus on the subconscious of the exhibit. The two met while studying at the Hochschule für Gestaltung (BTK) in Hamburg-Altona. Since that day they work together as a team. They started their way in the music video visual area. For example, they design B. projections for clubs or accompany DJs visually during their acts with mappings. Mapping is understood to be the precisely assigned projection that lies like a living layer over an existing surface structure and gives the viewer the feeling of a newly created reality. Mapping expands the limits of perception and opens doors to virtual worlds.

Essential components in reizfluts art, which is also used in the exhibit of the OZMs are digital visuals. In order to create these, they use analogue art means in advance, which largely lead to abstract effects. So used reizflut often different colors that they z. B. flow over human heads or other objects while filming these processes. The resulting color gradients and incorporated reflections are reminiscent of the geometric shapes and patterns of a kaleidoscope or the images of a Rorschach test. The use of light also plays a crucial role in her artistic work.

The two artists in the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN designed. In addition to the subconscious, the main themes are the perception of each individual. Mappings take place in two rooms. In the first of the two, visitors are scanned. This scan is converted into a visual and illustrates how the building perceives visitors. This representation is then mapped in space and at the same time travels as an impulse through the optic nerve into a second mapping space. The data is also processed here and forwarded to the so-called "data storage room", which is very reminiscent of a Star Wars spaceship due to the sterile-looking and shiny chrome-painted surfaces. In the last two rooms, human perception is also put to the test through projections and animations, and fears that we subconsciously carry around with us are addressed. In addition, the exhibition rooms will be set to music, which will provide visitors with even more attractions, and there will always be pictures hanging in between that make up individual frames or photographs in lenticular printing reizfluts music videos or the rooms of OZMs present.

In the exhibition, not only the subconscious of the people is relevant, but also that of the building. A number of crucial elements that symbolize the inner workings converge in the basement. Here you will find the main connections for water, electricity, heat and internet, as well as the drive motor of the former elevator can be found at this point. As a result of that reizflut incorporates these well-known components and thus considers them worthy of being exhibited, they seem to give the house a structure that was previously invisible. However, this new structure also seems very complex. Are the two artists able to strip them completely and the visitors to decode them completely?

The exhibition concept reizflut fits perfectly in terms of content OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN, as it spans an arch that is built up over three levels. So are on the first floor by the artist duo Sablage to find the electrical impulses of the brain's neural workings while one floor above the building's subconscious his heart throbs.

The reizflut analogue materials that are recycled and that are familiar from everyday life combine with digital art, creating a unique mix and a very immersive installation that plays very strongly with people's perception. What is also special is that the exhibition is slightly interactive. This means that the visitors* have to participate in part so that the process can start and the art can fully unfold. On the other hand, viewers have a wide range to experience, feel and interpret art.