Rene Falk Thomasius was born an artist into a family with a 800-year tradition of bending the universe. Already at the age of 4, in response to his nanny being forced to take a nap every day, he designed the relaxation room so creatively that the named handed down the following, close to a heart attack: “This child is incorrigible.” Renè Falk cultivated this early-established character trait Thomasius also in the inevitable school and university years that follow due to a continuous lack of insight into the repressions of everyday school and university life. A quote from him that has been handed down: "If the teacher is more stupid than the student, the student has the duty to apply the teacher's methods to the student himself." Thomasius was treated intensively with his own favorite method of education. After in this way by Renè Falk Thomasius it was made sure that adults could not transfer their ideologies and other mindless world views into his young brain in order to form the next NPC from the same, Renè Falk decided Thomasius to devote himself to art again. From the very beginning (beginning in 1986) he used the common computers of his time in order to work as an early adaptor of these tools as a digital artist. For this purpose he produced B. in the Techno, Jungle and later Drum & Bass genre various 12 inch and 10 inch dubplates under various pseudonyms (e.g. Safari FX, Shapeshifter, POP 2000, Interrupt) for German and English music labels. After 55 dubplates and 21 regular releases in this area of ​​electronic music, he had exhausted the means of expression "audible waveforms" to the point that he next turned to computer graphics*. (*visible waveforms).

Renè Falk has been busy ever since Thomasius as a 3-D artist with the possibilities of the computer tool to generate virtual realities ranging from abstract to representational. His works are often created under the premise of forcing mathematical and procedural tools to do the exact opposite of what they were programmed to do. For René Falk Thomasius a bug is a feature and holds possibilities that earned him the reputation of a 3D guru, because this "out of the box" perspective in the field of 3D scene development made the seemingly impossible possible.

Previous collaborations with a wide variety of trades range from TV to theater, from science to industry and aerospace. In all these areas it is Renè Falk Thomasius possible to develop freely and to show new perspectives through his works without being forced too much by the conventions of the prevailing zeitgeist.

Rene Falk Thomasius, Plant "Face of God" is a remarkable display of the fusion of art and mathematics. It is a limited edition of 42 numbered screenprints on paper, 26,5 x 40 cm, dated 2023. The particularity of this work of art lies in its genesis: it was created using complex mathematical methods typically found in 3D programs be used. The artist used Poisson's equation to allow for relative equal distribution of all placed objects on the surface of the original 3D model. This method prevents the objects from penetrating each other. The result is a multitude of instantiated objects with self-similar properties. Together they form the visible model, which draws its name from the symbolism: the approximately 1,28 million instances metaphorically represent the cells of our body, which in their entirety appear to be a einheitphysical object – our body. With your purchase of one of the 42 numbered copies of these unique screenprints, you are entering a community that is pushing the boundaries of art and breaking new ground in the marriage of art and technology.