With Sablage finds in HAMMERBROOKLYN An interesting reversal takes place, because with their works they shift the focus back to the original material, which served as a background for graffiti for a long time: the wall. The art combo works very plastically. By removing material, a strong depth effect is achieved in the works and objects are created, each of which is unique. The collective thus works sculpturally: by removing material, but also by adding other materials. This mixing leads to an interesting tension. Furthermore, the sculptural surfaces present a contrast and a dialectic characterization, as they show the obvious exterior as well as the hidden interior that becomes evident in many places. Sablage artistically uses the wall not only as a surface, but also as a substance, a three-dimensional body and as part of the architecture.

remember simultaneously Sablage by using the sandblaster to buff illegally applied graffiti in public space and thus take an extended look at the holistic appearance and history of the exhibit in Hammerbrook. The partial destruction of the wall medium and the use of sand sensitizes the viewer to the unstoppable passage of time, but also to the two media that are perceived as rather unpopular.

OZM Sablage
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