Photo by Randy Rocket

Born in Dresden in 1970 Simo Inspired by the hip-hop scene in his youth, he began painting the facades of his hometown as a graffiti sprayer. The beginnings of his art are the illegal graffiti in the GDR.

has for years Simo further developed his artistic expression and created an extraordinary visual language of naturalistic painting. His pictures show abstract forms, arrows and cylinders in bright colors, presented in a three-dimensional and detailed way. At first glance, one would think of these works as typically abstract paintings; but they are not. Simo is not only a painter, he also builds installations, sometimes smaller objects and sometimes entire rooms. And it is precisely these sculptures that form the basis of his paintings. These images take up an extensive view of art and a look at the connections between the different levels of representation.

In contrast to this is the graphic wave display, which is made from Simos passion for surfing and connection to the sea. This wave is always the same in reduced form and is only represented with different media. It repeats itself like the course of real waves and schematically reproduces their architecture. Here is focused Simo to the core of the presentation.