As an art historian, she is responsible for the scientific documentation and preparation of the various art projects associated with the OZM gGmbH hang together, responsible.

Darco FBI in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn

"The highest form of art is the total work of art in which the boundaries between art and non-art are abolished." (Kurt Schwitters) Being normal is monotonous and colorless. And that's exactly what the artist does Darco FBI from France, one of the best international sprayers, with his unique graffiti at the Sternschanze S-Bahn station in Hamburg. On behalf of the Germans...

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MIR | Bon voyage

MIR | Bon Voyage What would the modern world population look like today if we had allowed different role models and power structures to emerge? In which world and social order do we then live? How did we interact with each other and with the flora and fauna? MIR and Hieronymus Bosch, two stylistically different artists provide us with their pictures of people who ...

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artists in their studios

The days are getting cooler again. Also in OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN a lot is shifting to the inside again. In our exhibit there are not only the exhibition rooms, but also a few studios, where the artists partially design and realize their exhibitions. A nice circumstance, not only because you can watch the artists experiment and create directly, but ...

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