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Spaldingstrasse 140
20097 Hamburg

We look forward to seeing you OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN welcome exhibit. We offer a limited number of free personal online tickets to visit the OZM at. The tickets are only for the booked one Events valid and non-transferrable.

The booked short time window is valid for admission. We recommend planning around 2 hours for the on-site visit. Please be on time and let us know if anything comes up.

Contact us if you are interested in a specific work by our artists to arrange an individual appointment, or simply in our Online Store shop.

Thank you!

OZM Dates March / April 2023 

On Friday the 31 Mer, um 17:30 Uhr invites our art historian Greta Jacobs: Accompany us through the Art Jungle – Art Talk about Darco FBI.
Im OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN you have the wonderful and unique opportunity Darco FBIs genesis based on various works from different years and exhibitions. what draws Darcos art and what makes it so special? What are the specifics of his exhibitions? Let's talk about art!

Be there and sign up for our exclusive Saturday tour at 10:30 a.m: "Graffiti Art for Art Collectors" in der OZM Gallery on. CEO Alex Heimkind guides you personally through the impressive works of emerging and established artists. Sign up and discover fascinating art!

Welcome to the Opening of the exhibition pasta poodle by and with LOOMIT on Friday April 7th! We are happy, LOOMITs unique and creative artworks and would like to take this opportunity to highlight his many accomplishments in the field of graffiti art. Come and be surprised!

hey kids, do you want to see what's behind the cool pictures on the streets of Hamburg? Then off in OZM! Here you can discover graffiti, urban art and digital art and learn a lot about painting styles and techniques. Am 12. April von 16:00 bis 18:00 Uhr you can together with Alex Heimkind and other children that OZM explore. But beware, places are limited and only available for children aged 9-14 years. So register quickly and come with us on a journey of discovery!

The OZM Gallery Sunday
on April, 16th 2023

On Friday the 28 April, um 18:00 Uhr we invite you to a conversation with our architect Leefke Bohde: reflections on art in the city; architecture of the moment.

On Sunday the TBA is there a Artist dialogue with GODLING im OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN. GODLING spent his childhood in the Karolinenviertel in Hamburg and was influenced by hip-hop culture. He worked with aerosol cans and founded the UZI Crew (Urban Zone Infiltration). In 1991 he occupied together with ArtOne first place in the graffiti competition of the Altonaer Museum. These paintings are in the museum collection and are currently being presented in the exhibition ONE CITY BECOMES COLORFUL to mark the 100th anniversary of the Museum of Hamburg History.

Come on Monday, the TBA. April at 18 p.m Artist talk by ArtOne. With incredible ingenuity and an artistic flair ArtOne his signature. The various forms of representation of his letters and the development of different writing styles are all content that can be found at Aerosol HandStyles. What are the specifics of his exhibitions?
Let's talk about art!

On Thursday the TBA offer that OZM a Artist dialogue with MIR, our Russian artist, whose inforealism combines Cyrillic letters with pictograms on wall-like canvases. His works contain enigmatic messages that, in connection with his Russian origins and current events, acquire a new topicality.

The visit of OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibits is completely free, but we would be happy if you support us with a donation. Every donation helps us to maintain our events and exhibitions. Many thanks for your support!

Current and general regulations as well as information for visiting the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN exhibit

  • Please book a single ticket for each person.
  • Once you exit the building, the ticket will expire and you will not be able to re-enter unless there are still tickets available on the website and you book a new one.
  • Alcohol consumption is complete OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibit not permitted.
  • Please behave carefully and prudently in our rooms towards our artists and employees as well as the works of art.
  • We cannot provide a cloakroom or lockers.
  • Please understand that we will expel people who do not want to follow the rules from the building.
  • If you feel sick and feverish, we would like to ask you to refrain from visiting us for the protection of everyone.

We look forward to your visit and to the exchange with you!