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First select the *Ticket type
**Choose the date and the admission time slot!
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  1. On selection *Select ticket type eg “guided tour”.
  2. Select the date, then select a time slot. The “Appointment details” will then be displayed.
  3. Now press the “next” button and a form for your personal data will appear.
  4. Complete everything and confirm with “Book now”. The text “Ticket successfully submitted” will then appear and you will receive an email from us.
  5. Each additional person needs their own ticket.
    9 out of 9 tickets are available for each time slot.

We look forward to seeing you OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN to welcome the exhibit. Here we offer a limited contingent of free personal online tickets for the guided visit to the exhibition.

Our guided tours OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibit go about 2 hours. You can select all available days in our calendar under *Select…” and “Tour”. The booked short time window is valid for admission. Please be on time and if you can't come let us know.

If you are interested in a specific work by our artists, please feel free to contact us as well as arrange an individual appointment or just in ours Online Store shop.

Spaldingstrasse 140
20097 Hamburg

Current and general regulations as well as information for visiting the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN exhibit

  • Please book a single ticket for each person.
  • Once you exit the building, the ticket will expire and you will not be able to re-enter unless there are still tickets available on the website and you book a new one.
  • Alcohol consumption is complete OZM Exhibit not permitted.
  • Please behave carefully and prudently in our rooms towards our artists and employees as well as the works of art.
  • We cannot provide a cloakroom or lockers.
  • Please understand that we will expel people who do not want to follow the rules from the building.
  • If you feel sick and feverish, we would like to ask you to refrain from visiting us for the protection of everyone.

We look forward to your visit and to the exchange with you!

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