Godling Artone Mega War 1991

A kaleidoscope of colors

A kaleidoscope of colors - a bridge between the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN and “A City Gets Colorful” Art has the power to be an expression of its time while presenting the individuality of its creators. Once it has made it onto the wall in the museum, it begins, the picture of its time

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DVD | The world is not enough

Dirk Vorndamme | The world is Not Enough

Dirk Vorndamme | The world is not enough “Likewise the earth will die too if they (people) go on like this. No question at all. That's why we have death here again. Man is so stupid, I'll say it now, like a cancer virus, that he has his own

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ArtOne © 2017 Small Foam Day 2

ArtOne | Aerosol HandStyles

ArtOne | Aerosol HandStyles “A picture must always match the interior. Not only because of the art, it has to be art in itself, but for me the aspect that art also suits the interior is important. This is very important. It takes a good look at that art

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OZMAI Train spotting graffiti

OZM Trainspotting

OZM Trainspotting A Little AI for Good Story This week we have that OZM added a new page. The idea of ​​collecting train graffiti came up a long time ago, but we didn't have the time to really look into it. On several occasions we have returned to the subject

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Darco FBI in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn | Sternschanze S-Bahn station

Darco FBI in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn

"The highest form of art is the total work of art in which the boundaries between art and non-art are abolished." (Kurt Schwitters) Being normal is monotonous and colorless. And that's exactly what the artist does Darco FBI from France, one of the best international sprayers, with his unique graffiti at the Sternschanze S-Bahn station

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Loomit pasta poodle

Loomit | pasta poodle

Loomit | Noodle Poodle “You have to master your instrument. Painting is the instrument of drawing. You have to be able to draw the apple before you can paint big on the wall. Before you smear paint on the wall you have to have an idea of ​​shape, light and shadow and so on.

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MIR | Fasten your Seatbelt | OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN

MIR | Fasten your seat belt

MIR | Fasten your Seatbelt “Always seeing everything clearly is also boring. It's exciting when some things remain blurred." (MIR, 2020) Have a seat, lean back and “Buckle your seatbelts!” because the plane is cleared for take-off. The Hamburg-based artist MIR loads in OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN

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OZM gGmbH | MIR | 2020 | PERSILE | ©

MIR | Bon voyage

MIR | Bon Voyage What would the modern world population look like today if we had allowed different role models and power structures to emerge? In which world and social order do we then live? How did we interact with each other and with the flora and fauna? MIR and Hieronymus Bosch, two stylistically different working artists provide us

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Darco FBI | Qui vivra verra | Web | Nov 2020

Ongoing process in the exhibition

A Nigerian proverb says: "It takes a whole village to raise a child." The weeks have passed and so has our offspring, the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN, grows and thrives splendidly. In the last few weeks, thanks to the passionate commitment of our artists and the rest OZM-Team, some with us

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Michael Godling | mask | Studio 1 | 2020

artists in their studios

The days are getting cooler again. Also in OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN a lot is shifting to the inside again. In our exhibit there are not only the exhibition rooms, but also a few studios, where the artists partially design and realize their exhibitions. A nice circumstance, not only because you can see the artists

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Interview with DAIM to UpTheWall

"It's going ok mir not about painting something that looks great, I paint what makes me special” In an interview with Mirko Reisser, who realized the first mural of the current project UpTheWall. Mirko Reisser, too DAIM called, is not proud of his career as a world-renowned graffiti artist. He's just happy and

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OZM | Won ABC | rocket

Like a phoenix from the ashes

The old OZM Gallery is metaphorically scorched in the sun. The ashes lie dark and gray at our feet. But signs are already forming in the middle, pointing to something new and incredible... Looking at old records and pictures, one sometimes becomes aware of how some things do

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© Tobias Iliev Granow 2019 OZM gGmbH HAMMERBROOKLYN

Gateway to a new world

Three years ago I climbed the narrow stairs of the OZM gallery up. Despite the central location right in the Schanzenviertel, I already had the feeling that I had stumbled upon a secret. This old building stood away from the hustle and bustle of passers-by. Although from below

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