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The Art of Rebellion

A new Art We want to start the rebellion together with you by realizing free art and institution-independent projects together. Going your own and independent artistic path is not always easy in these times. But this option wants the OZM gGmbH definitely offer the artists as well as you and other visitors.

We would like to support artists in their creative processes and, in addition to art-specific projects, expand the area of ​​cultural education.

We need your support now!

But how exactly is that supposed to work?

The first step is very simple: With your donation!

Many of our artists are dependent on your financial injection before they can put their concepts into practice. In addition, we would like to support children and young people, especially from the disadvantaged parts of the district of Hamburg-Mitte, in the field of cultural education.

What do you have of it?

With your funding amount, you help our artists so that they can produce their next works. This means that further exhibitions in the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN realized, digital projects expanded and the outer skin of the building embellished from top to bottom. On the other hand, we can realize graffiti and breakdance workshops for children and young people as well as other external projects.

How do you know that your donation will be used for the artists and projects?

You can do this in a real and transparent way on site in Hammerbrook, at other locations (e.g. in the Hamburg Sternschanze), on our website or in the form of the OZM-Trust concept . see

You are therefore a very important part of the dynamic process and, in addition to free and exclusive art, you also support projects that have added value for society. Of course, you can decide for yourself how much you want to contribute and whether you would rather invest in a one-time action or in a long-term project.

Why now?

The work of our artists and some of our projects currently take place at our physical location in Hammerbrook. This urban exhibit will also be a thing of the past in the future.

Let's use the moment together and realize original ideas as well as innovative and therefore future-oriented projects!

Social impact!

The OZM always strives to find new and imaginative ways to support youth empowerment and adult education. For example, it offers various workshops and seminars to teach people more about art and graffiti. It also works closely with schools and universities to support young people and open up new perspectives for them. In addition, it supports OZM also projects and initiatives that pave the way for young people and adults in the art scene.