Right in the beating heart of Hamburg, in a place that was once considered crime-ridden, something extraordinary has developed. The underpass at Sternschanze train station, which was released thanks to decriminalization by the Altona district office and in collaboration with the HVV, has now become a living work of art. On September 17.09.2023th, 32, XNUMX actors in the graffiti scene took a bold step. Without the usual stress and time pressure that often comes with graffiti, they transformed the underpass into an impressive work. The decriminalization of the tunnel gave them the freedom to pursue their art in peace and with full dedication, without having to constantly look over their shoulders. But that was just the beginning of a two-year project by the OZM gGmbH was brought into being. The aim is to set a shining example of what is possible when public spaces are made available to artists. It's proof that graffiti is more than just paint on a wall - it's a form of expression, an art and an important part of urban culture.