HAMMERBROOKLYN celebrates its 31th anniversary this summer. As an interface between analogue and virtual space HAMMERBROOKLYN now in the OZM gGmbH in the associated OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN exhibit arrived. That OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibit in the middle of Hamburg, offers urban, digital art and graffiti on 3500 m² of exhibition space.

In addition to the well-known sizes of the international graffiti scene DAIM, Loomit, Darco FBI and Oz. show the OZM with OZMAI (an artificial intelligence) how versatile this place is. Based on OZM trust concept the space is transformed into a new exhibit of 42 HC 40' shipping containers next to the property used.

HAMMERBROOKLYN | Silk screen | Handmade – NEO Limited Edition | by Matten Shredconnection


Loomit, DAIM, Darco FBI, ArtOne, MIR, Anna Pokrywiec, Godling, Lady Wave, Sablage, Ace Tea,  Anek, DavisOne, Dirk Vorndamme, Rene Falk Thomasius,  Paco Sanchez, Matten Shredconnection, reizflut, SIMO,  Raumtaucher, YAMZO, HEIMKIND, OZMAI  and Oz.

shred connection HAMMERBROOKLYN

Handmade – NEO limited edition
by Matten Shredconnection
lifetime is running out

Here are the free personal tickets for visiting the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN exhibit.