A Nigerian proverb says: "It takes a whole village to raise a child." The weeks have passed and so has our offspring, the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN, grows and thrives splendidly. In the last few weeks, thanks to the passionate commitment of our artists and the rest OZM-Team, a lot is happening here. The exhibit is increasingly taking on the form of a total work of art and can also be experienced more and more. As a small appetizer you will find attached an insight into the latest progress.

Mural by Loomit and Bert | View from North Canal Street
Signatures of the two artists | lower right side
In Hammerbrook is the penultimate round of our project UpTheWall been finished: One of the veterans of the writing scene was our guest from Bavaria and with his skills he has the last exterior facade of OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN embellished. Loomit was on the wall and, together with his assistant Bert, conjured up a beguiling trompe-l'oeil on the wall. It's just amazing how Loomit took up the local conditions in terms of content and integrated them into his work as motifs. Light, shadow, architecture and photorealistic moments combine to create an elaborate mural. And as one of the first to have Loomit also at the very top, on our roof, the first signs that are attached to the mural. We are very happy that with Loomits mural, all three outer facades can now unfold their full individual charisma.

So different the styles of the three legends Loomit, DAIM and Darco FBI her pieces have become so varied. There is a lot to discover and admire on the walls.

thanks a million Darco FBI, Loomit and DAIM!!!

What else is new:

Insight into the exhibition Loomit
The works in the exhibition rooms of Loomit are also in full swing. Many of his wonderful works are already hanging on the grey-washed walls and present his wide range not only as an experienced sprayer, but also as a painter. The imaginative wall openings are also exciting, because they created great lines of sight in the rather small rooms, which make the entire exhibition space appear larger. As a result, it is now possible for the individual images to be viewed from different perspectives.
Insight into "Fasten your Seatbelt" by MIR
Access to the exhibition based on an airplane door

Due to the pandemic, international globetrotting was more than difficult this year. The new exhibition shows that you don't always need a real airplane to travel Fasten your seat belt our artist MIR.

Be somewhere else in a short time, not knowing where the journey is going and whether you will survive it. People, faces and highly effective symbols form the foundation of this exposition. But what other meanings do masks and life jackets have, apart from those that are recognizable at first glance? These and other questions will be answered in the forthcoming exhibition text. On top of that MIR used a new material in his exhibition that achieves an unbelievable wow effect. You can be very excited!

Insight into the corridor of "Qui vivra verra" with space-filling artwork
One of the showrooms of Darco FBI | the inside and the outside connect here very directly

Another visitor who was with us has his big exhibition in the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN designed further: Darco FBI has joined the second part of Time will tell employed. As already from mir times mentioned, goes Darco here again a huge step further than in the old one OZM Art Space Gallery. What he artistically implements there is simply exciting and breathtaking. In the long corridor of his exposition, a room-filling, grotto-like construct is created that combines graffiti writing, sculptures, canvases, and the properties of an installation. It will be cheerfully colorful, but also dark at the same time. Also Darco FBI uses different materials in this exhibition than last time. The new builds on the old and this crazy mix creates a fantastic walk-in work of art.

Another exhibition space of "Qui vivra verra"
Use of wood and barbed wire | formed into a bizarre-looking sculpture
We'll stay tuned and hope to see you soon!