Art Space Sternschanze †

2007 – 2018


OZM exhibit


m² of exhibition space

OZM Art Language Gallery Artists: Darco FBI, Loomit, Won ABC, Danny Doom, mittenimwald, ArtOne, MIR, Darko Caramello Nikolic, Godling, Lady Wave, Sablage, TASEK, SIMO, STOHEAD, Dirk Vorndamme,  Paco Sanchez,  HEIMKIND, DAIM  and Oz.

Photos by Randy Rocket

The history of the OZM Art Space Gallery Sternschanze (2007 to 2018) begins in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel and now continues in Hammerbrook. Over a decade, a work of art was created that was so unique that it defied any attempt at categorization. It was a place that existed with and through graffiti and grew into a total work of art over the years. The transformation of the 140-year-old factory could do that OZM 11 years to help shape this total work of art and then culminated in the final exhibition "awesome", which opened on December 24, 2017 and ended in March 2018 with the demolition of the building. the OZM Won ABC rocket successfully launched and on it Loomit's pike disappeared in the crater lake. Stay tuned!

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