What happens when one puts 256 pixels in really big box.

Im OZM we asked ourselves how we could use the incredible potential of artificial intelligence to brighten up even more people's day with urban art and graffiti. Various projects have emerged from this. The project that we present here was created in cooperation with Birds on Mars.

The project shows artificial intelligence (AI) generated Art (art) on a container. Interactivity was an absolute must for the project as we wanted to integrate the viewer into the artwork. Art should create something new from the existing in interaction with the viewer.
The existing consists of a selection of works by the artists DAIM, Darco FBI, Loomit and Oz together. You can see what a tiny part of what the AI ​​creates looks like in this video, as the AI ​​generates images from random inputs.

The creativity is realized by AI, which creates new interpretations from the existing and dynamically integrates the urbanity in its environment. This is made possible by the AI's ability to capture people, cars and trains on video and use it as input in the creative process. Instead of a random input, the activity of the urban environment is used as input. To make the interaction even clearer, parts of the environment are integrated directly into the artwork. This creates an interactivity of the artwork ContAInArt with its surroundings. You can see what that could look like in this video.

Why a container? In addition to the practical advantages of a container - it is transportable, robust, stackable and all the technology can be accommodated in it - the container is simply present in the perception. Give it a try and instead imagine a flat LED screen or screen on the roof of the OZM, or other places where the container could stand.

The Trainwriter.AI container is planned to be on the roof above the 5th floor of the OZMs where it is supposed to brighten the day for up to 150.000 passengers on the S-Bahn.

It is already on the roof in our simulation, where the entire system is already fully operational. We are currently building a small version of the container with our 3D printer. At the same time, we are working on a full-size dummy to experiment with different display options and to find the optimal display technique.

For the realization of the display with 17280 light elements made of LEDs and ping-pong balls, we were able to win the support of the maker and youtuber bitluni. After his LED Wall v1, v2 and v3 projects, this becomes LED Wall v4, so to speak.

With OZMAI we have the opportunity to learn from the best. On the one hand there are the programmers who break new ground with their ideas and then of course the artists DAIM, Darco, Loomit and Oz.  Who are true masters in the art of graffiti, as they have developed an unmistakable style of their own over the decades, which makes each of them a legend.  

This place of OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Hamburg could not have been better chosen, there is hardly any other place that can convey this kind of urbanity. 

In the company Birds on Mars, which specializes in AI consulting, artificial intelligence and creativity are particularly closely linked. The name suits the community of resourceful specialists who, before the AI ​​boom, would have been referred to by many as a bunch of weirdos. From the wild days of AI, they have taken the creativity and freedom with them to invest a not inconsiderable part of their working time in the integration of artificial intelligence into social and artistic projects.


The maker and successful Youtuber bitluni is known in the maker scene for its enthusiastic implementation of crazy projects. With incredible energy, the inventor solves practical automation tasks or consistently implements crazy projects. He manages to achieve amazing results with minimal hardware expenditure, maximum use of intelligent creativity and a good pinch of nerd humor. After watching the videos of bitluni's LED walls in version 1-3, we knew that he wouldn't miss the challenge of building version 4.

Where would the digital world be today without the 3D graffiti sprayers? Fortunately, this question can no longer be answered without a doubt, but I am mir for sure DAIM has contributed to the fact that the viewing habits of some programmers have changed. Before computers had the ability to create large-scale, three-dimensional works, she painted DAIM already on the walls. Therefore, he is rightfully a legend and a great inspiration. Now all these worlds come together, the deconstruction becomes a symbiosis and sharpens the view of all those involved for the essential.

  • Loomit | Calligraphy Yellow

Loomit is a dinosaur and at the same time a world-travelled graffiti sprayer who has not only painted a plethora of walls. As a young boy he managed to create the first headline with graffiti in Germany. He thought to himself, if it's that easy, then I'll stick with it.
Our reality always offers the same horizon at the same height, but the pictorial reality Loomits shows multiple worlds that we could never see without his artistic ability to paint the unimaginable.

Oz is an absolute graffiti legend, not only was his life spectacular, but so was his death. He made a work of art out of the whole city and left an unbelievable multitude of signs and images in the urban space. With his works, which he showed in his last exhibitions in OZM painted, complex network structures as well as the principles of artificial intelligence can be precisely explained. His pictures, which can clarify complex symbioses between micro and macrocosm structures, offer a diversity of interpretation, but are always simply grandiose.

  • mittenimwald & Oz | Henry confetti
  • Darco FBI | France

As a young boy, Draco started karate and by 18 he was a black belt. Accordingly, he paints in the style of informal painting, it's all about gestures and full use of the body. When spraying with a spray can, the sprayer does not come into contact with the substrate of the wall. The body leads and the mind follows, this is how he shaped his unmistakable style. Degenerate letters to the point of being unrecognizable, we no longer know which alphabet he is using. It is the poetry of life and the rhythm of the city that gives expression to his works.

If you like our project, you can support it with a donation here, or you can wait for our Kickstarter launch. Of course there will be various goodies at the Kickstarter Launch, from your name as a tag on the container to shirts and hoodies to the miniature model of the container, there will be a lot for our supporters.

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