OZMX-Token – Shape the future of the art world with us!

OZMX-Token – Shape the future of the art world with us!

The OZM invites you to be part of an exciting new era in the art world. We'll provide it OZMX Token proposes an innovation that combines art and blockchain technology and enables you to actively participate in shaping the art world.

If you art im OZM acquire, you receive OZMX tokens. These tokens make you an active member of our art community. There are already 420 million OZMX Tokens that are on the Bitcoin-Blockchain, and each one is a token of our shared passion and commitment to the arts.

The OZM, known for its values ​​of openness, collaboration and its unique concept of trust, offers with the OZMX Token a new way to experience the art world. Just as Albrecht Dürer was able to make his art accessible to a wider audience 500 years ago through privileges, we now enable you to be an active part of the art world.

At a time when state intervention is increasingly shaping the art market, we, as a non-profit limited company, are committed to the freedom of art. With the OZMX Token, we aim to foster an active and vibrant community while ensuring that the art remains free and accessible.

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We already have that OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN project proved that we can make the impossible possible. Now we invite you, with us and that OZMX Token to set another milestone.

For more information about the OZMX Tokens and how to become a part of our art community, please visit our website. 


Albrecht Durer self-portrait 1500

Albrecht Dürer, the famous German painter and graphic artist, lived from 1471 to 1528, around 500 years ago during the Renaissance. During this time he gained high esteem and many privileges for his exceptional artistic ability.

One of the most notable privileges Dürer received was a patent from the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I. This patent, granted in 1511, granted Dürer the exclusive right to reproduce his works and the works of his workshop. It was one of the first copyright regulations in history and protected Dürer from plagiarism of his works, which were widespread at the time. This privilege allowed Dürer to circulate his artworks more widely and improve his reputation and financial situation.

DAIM | DEIM – dripping X | 125x205cm | 2021

In addition, Dürer also enjoyed the privilege of support from the city of Nuremberg. The city granted him a salary for life and provided him with a studio. Dürer was also a valued guest at the courts of various monarchs, including Emperor Maximilian I and King Sigismund I of Poland.

These privileges allowed Dürer to focus on his art and expand his technical skills and creative vision. They contributed significantly to his outstanding career and his lasting influence on art history.

For the Medici, Fugger and other merchants of the time, double-entry bookkeeping allowed them to more accurately track and manage their numerous and complex financial transactions. They were able to grow their wealth and businesses because they could more closely monitor and control their income, expenses, debt, and credit.

The blockchain technology as used in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be seen as a modern evolution of these ideas. Like double-entry bookkeeping, blockchain provides a way to track and verify transactions. But instead of a single ledger, the transactions are distributed across thousands of computers on the network.

Every transaction on the blockchain is transparent and immutable, meaning it cannot be deleted or altered by anyone. This provides an even greater level of financial transparency and accountability than double-entry bookkeeping.

Furthermore, the blockchain is decentralized, which means that no central authority is in control. This is a key difference from traditional financial systems controlled by central institutions.

In this sense, one could argue that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about finance and transactions in the same way that double-entry bookkeeping did in the Renaissance.

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