OZMX is not just another token on the market. It represents a fusion of art and technology, a bridge between the traditional world of art and the advanced world of blockchain. At OZMX is about not only providing art lovers with access to exquisite works of art, but also inviting them into a community that is enriched through the ownership of OZMX Tokens is growing and thriving.

What is OZMX?

OZMX is a BRC-20 token based on the renowned Bitcoin-Blockchain based. It's not just an experimental project, but a sign of how versatile and adaptable the Bitcoin-Blockchain can really be.


To take advantage of this offer, you first need an account on our platform Once you are registered and purchase an artwork, the magic kicks in. In addition to the purchased physical or digital artwork, you will also receive a bonus in the form of OZMX tokens. More precisely, for every purchase we give you 10% of the net amount in euros OZMX tokens. So if you buy an artwork for 1000 euros, not only will the artwork end up in your possession, but also an additional 100 OZMX tokens on your account. This is our special way of expressing our appreciation and wishing you a warm welcome in the OZMX-Welcoming community.

trust concept

Our trust concept is based on the connection between machines, living beings and nature. We use machines and technology to display and showcase our artworks, and we strive to minimize the environmental impact of these technologies. We provide artists with a platform to exhibit and sell their artworks, and we use technology, particularly artificial intelligence, to encourage collaboration between artists and technology. We rely on decentralized, autonomous container architecture to make art accessible in different places without polluting the environment. And we pursue social and ecological goals by getting involved in various projects and initiatives that have a social benefit and protect the environment.


Our artists are at the heart of OZM. They are world famous and represent the graffiti scene and are supported by digital artists. They create unique works that push the boundaries of art and show new ways of connecting art and technology.

New projects

We are constantly looking for new ways to present and promote art. We are currently working on two exciting projects: the OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN and the OZM New Space Gallery. Both projects use our decentralized, autonomous container architecture to make art accessible in different places.

value creation and sales model

The added value of OZMX Tokens is at the heart of our vision and mission OZM. This token is not just another digital asset, it represents the core value and uniqueness of the artworks created in the OZM to get presented.

The OZMX Token serves as a bridge between art lovers and the exclusive offerings of the OZM. Going forward, certain artworks and exclusive assets will only be available to owners of OZMX be accessible to tokens. Not only does this create value for the token itself, but it also creates an exclusive community of art enthusiasts that come from owning OZMX Tokens have privileged access to these special works of art.

The added value of OZM based on the talent and creativity of the artists. When a customer places an artwork in the OZM acquires it and leaves it there, it will continue to be displayed and its value will continue to increase. In the event of a resale at an increased price, this retains OZM 25% of the amount, giving the original buyer an attractive return and at the same time the OZM supported in its mission.

Our overarching goal is to use this method to create high-quality works of art that travel the globe in special containers to be admired by a wide audience. It is a fusion of art, technology and global networking that OZM a pioneer in the art world. The OZMX Token is the key to this exclusive and revolutionary art world.

artificial intelligence and OZM Metaversum

The OZM has recreated his own metaverse in Unity, which provides many uses for the token and in which AI is active. Our own AI, OZMAI, links everything together, from art education to the urban planning of the future. It can take over the entire planning process for creating a new containerized facility or replicating an existing facility in a different location. It can identify and solve the required legal and technical conditions for each new compilation. AI can create specific specifications for access control and fire protection routes and autonomously determine the design of the object. The modularity of the containers enables flexibility in their use and brings advantages in their transport. Since they can be transported in parts, their transfer to a new location is made much easier. The AI ​​can streamline this process and ensure efficient implementation by determining the best possible arrangement of the modules and planning the most efficient route for their transport and installation at the new site. In this way, modular buildings can be reproduced quickly and cost-effectively at new locations.


As a community token, the OZMX Token created with the intention of fostering connection and engagement within art lovers and supporters. It embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity that OZM and invites everyone to be part of this exciting artistic journey.

How can I OZMX receive?

You can OZMX Get tokens by using your customer account buy art on our website. For every purchase you receive 10% of the purchase price in OZMX tokens.

Our Goal

Our goal is all 420.000.000 OZMX Circulate tokens by selling art. We believe this is a unique way to connect the art world and the blockchain world while expanding our community.

OZMX BRC-20 Bitcoin Token
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