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Mirko Reisser, aka DAIM is one of the most famous style writers in the world. He has been an international graffiti artist for over 30 years. He became particularly famous for his 3-D style, which he not only developed and established in this specific way as the first writer, but also influenced numerous other sprayers with it and thus expanded the expressive spectrum of (letter) forms in graffiti world significantly expanded. 

is artistic DAIM very versatile on the way: from huge murals, which can be found all over the world, to paintings, sculptures, sketches and digitally created prints, there is all sorts of things. And also in the use of the materials DAIM not put in a drawer. His motto is to keep trying new things and not standing still.

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DAIM`s OZM Catalog price is:  9.800,00 for all works available here.

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