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Marija Silvija Ambrazeviciute, known by her stage name Emesa Amze, was born in Lithuania, shaped the streets of London as a child and later explored the Black Forest landscapes as a teenager. Each of her works of art reveals her ability to discover and celebrate beauty and positivity in a variety of environments. Her works are a reflection of her personal journey that conveys strength and resilience. Particularly impressive is the depiction of women in her artworks, who exude self-confidence and pride and make a significant contribution to the diverse mosaic of urban art.

Created around 500 years after Albrecht Dürer Emesa Amze Works that can be viewed as avatars of modernity - or perhaps they are self-confident women whose true nature we will no longer be able to fathom in 500 years? Emesa has the rare ability to recognize and see things that others cannot. It's no wonder that she is considered an exceptional artist and we are proud to have her on our team.

No one can judge the future of avatars in art better than OZMAI, and Emesa is in the right place at the right time to enrich the art world with her vision. Her works, which play with time and space, could be the first hints of a new direction in art, merging digital and physical realities.