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Rene Falk Thomasius was born an artist into a family with an approximately 800 year tradition of bending the universe. During his school days he knew how to confront teachers with their own methods. He resisted the attempt to shape him ideologically and instead pursued his artistic interests. From 1996 he used computers as tools to work as a digital artist, producing electronic music and later switching to computer graphics. Today he works as a 3D artist, creating virtual realities and using software differently than intended. Cooperation with various trades ranges from TV to theatre, from science to aerospace. In all these areas it is Renè Falk Thomasius possible to develop freely and to show new perspectives through his works without being forced too much by the conventions of the prevailing zeitgeist.

Rene Falk Thomasius`s OZM Catalog price is:  3.900,00 for all works available here.