Loomit | untitled 3


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Loomit | untitled 3 | Spray paint and markers on wood | 18x9cm | 2020
ONLY an NFT without the original work of Loomit!

27 Bonus OZMX Token

We are looking for this image from the OZM exhibition of Loomitstolen by someone we have trusted. We find it absurd as everyone is welcomed and you don't have to pay an entrance fee as we finance ourselves through sales of the works or donations to ensure we remain an independent space. We invite you here to a unique experience, to become part of the art and the whole and not steal a part of the whole. As if it wasn't absurd enough, this is already the 2nd loss from this series of 3's. We understand that art can trigger many things in each of us and therefore ask everyone to help put the pictures back in their place. Thank you and see you soon!


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Size18x9x90 cm