In Hamburg's urban corners, where the walls whisper stories and writers make their mark, a movement is emerging. It celebrates not only bombing and the art of throw-ups, but also the freedom that comes to life in every day, every stroke and every color. 

On September 17.09.2023th, 30, XNUMX actors in the graffiti scene took a courageous step. Together they transformed the underpass at Sternschanze train station into a living work of art. But that was just the beginning. Further actions are being planned.

The graffiti scene represents freedom and self-expression. With projects like we have the opportunity to spread this message. We can demonstrate that every place, every surface, every space can become a symbol of freedom. 

A “Hall of Fame” at Sternschanze train station blurs the boundaries: where graffiti meets art, a new understanding of culture emerges. In the middle of Hamburg, a statement is made here that goes far beyond the colors on the wall.

stay tuned!

Code of Conduct for the “Hall of Fame” at Sternschanze train station

  1. Project status: The “Hall of Fame” is still in the planning phase. Please be patient and understand that there is no painting scheduled outside of official events.

  2. Respect the space: This is a place for graffiti. Let's make sure it remains welcoming and inspiring for everyone.

  3. Paint only the designated areas: These areas will be clearly marked.

  4. No painting on handrails and lamps: For safety reasons and to ensure the functionality of the place, we ask you not to paint handrails and lamps.

  5. Cooperation: This is a community project. Respect the work of others and be open to constructive feedback.

  6. Environmental awareness: Please dispose of all materials correctly. Think about the environment and our community.

  7. Communication: the next event will take place in October. We will also be working on software to manage the Hall of Fame's open space.