Social impact

OZM-Trust concept

Due to the complexity of our organization, it makes sense and is desirable to use the concept of trust OZM to use. It is based on the values ​​of openness, cooperation and trust and attaches great importance to social responsibility and education. These values ​​are important to many people and organizations and can help foster positive and productive collaboration.

The OZM-The concept of trust can be viewed as a kind of beehive. The beehive consists of many small honeycombs, each of which represents a small ecosystem. Each comb has its own function and contributes to the overall success of the hive, for example by producing honey or serving as a hatchery. Just as the honeycombs in the hive work together and complement each other, so can the various hexahedrons in the OZM-Trust concept can be viewed as areas that work together to complete the whole concept. Through cooperation with other partners, further "honeycombs" can be added to expand and improve the trust concept.

The OZM-Trust concept is based on 21 words that represent different aspects of the organization and its activities. These words stand for the different elements that make up the OZM unite and form the basis for their engagement in art, culture and social change. Below are the 21 words and their meanings related to the OZM Trust concept shown:

  1. Guests: The people who am OZM involved, including artists, staff and visitors.
  2. Companies: The companies and organizations with which this OZM collaborate and cooperate.
  3. Network: The Connections and Relationships That OZM with other actors and institutions.
  4. Culture: The cultural expressions and themes that OZM promotes and presents.
  5. Politics: The political aspects that OZM influence and by whom it is influenced.
  6. Society: The society to which this OZM influenced by its activities.
  7. Creature: The consideration of all living beings and their needs in the OZM-Philosophy.
  8. Machine: The technologies and devices that OZM used and developed.
  9. Nature: The relation to the environment and the sustainable orientation of the OZM-Projects.
  10. Capital: The financial resources and investments that the OZM needed and managed.
  11. ideas: The creative concepts and visions that OZM developed and promoted.
  12. Motivation: The driving forces and goals that OZM and track its members.
  13. Database: The collection of information and data that OZM used and managed.
  14. Cryptography: The security and encryption measures that the OZM used to protect data and information.
  15. AI (Artificial Intelligence): The use of AI technologies in the OZMstrategy and projects.
  16. nonprofit: The charitable nature of the OZM gGmbH and their obligation to serve the common good.
  17. Social impact: The social impact and changes that the OZM strives for and achieves.
  18. Transparent: The openness and transparency with which this OZM works and communicates.
  19. architecture: The spatial and design aspects of the OZM-Projects and facilities.
  20. Container: The use of containers as building material and interior design in the OZM New Space Gallery.
  21. Space: The spatial dimension and the spatial concept of the OZM-Projects and facilities.

These 21 words represent the wide range of topics and areas in which the OZM is active and represents the various aspects of the OZM-Trust concept. It encompasses the people, networks and companies that underpin the OZM-Build community. It takes into account cultural, political and social contexts that influence action within the OZM influence. It also involves interaction with the natural environment and the use of technology. In addition, she emphasizes the importance of creativity, motivation and financial resources. The list emphasizes the role of data and security, as well as the importance of transparency and social influence. It ends by emphasizing the architectural and spatial aspects of the OZM. Overall, the list provides a comprehensive overview of the various elements that make up the OZM- Shape the concept of trust.

Non-profit, transparent and social impact

The OZM gGmbH is a non-profit organization that promotes art and culture, education and upbringing as well as civic engagement for the benefit of non-profit purposes. As a non-profit organization, the OZM their goals and activities in terms of public interest to achieve a social impact.

Transparency plays an important role in building public trust in the work of the OZM to strengthen. The OZM aims to promote cultural education and increase participation in the arts in order to make a positive contribution to society. The aspects of non-profit, social impact and transparency are closely linked and form the basis for the work of the OZM gGmbH.

The OZM has a positive social impact on the surrounding neighborhoods and the people who visit them. It promotes the artistic education of children and young people through partnerships with schools and youth work institutions such as the HipHop Academy (Stiftung Kultur Palast Hamburg). The cooperation with the Brecht School in St. Georg enables schoolchildren to visit regularly and participate in creative projects. Working with the Hamburger Arbeitsassistenz supports young people who are having difficulties finding training or work. The vernissages and events of the OZM attract a wide audience and provide space for discussion and reflection on art and society. OZM contributes to a lively art scene in Hamburg and promotes the social integration and education of children and young people as well as dialogue between people of different backgrounds and interests.

OZM (OneZeroMore) is a platform dedicated to promoting education and social responsibility. She offers courses and workshops to train and educate people in various areas. She is also involved in social projects and advocates for equality and inclusion. A collaboration with OZM makes sense to share one's own knowledge and know-how, to make it accessible to others and to show one's own commitment to social responsibility. A cooperation with OZM can help to improve one's reputation and image as well as reach a larger target group. In addition, working with OZM train creativity and promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

AI, Databases and Cryptography

The connection between artificial intelligence (AI), databases and cryptography is of great importance. AI systems rely on a large amount of data to work effectively. Databases are therefore an important part of AI systems because they can store large amounts of data and manage them efficiently. The use of databases by AI systems makes it possible to collect, analyze and process information in order to identify patterns and trends and make predictions.

Cryptography is also an important factor in making the connection between AI and databases secure. Cryptography is the science of encrypting and decrypting information and is often used to protect sensitive data in databases. AI systems can use cryptographic algorithms to encrypt and protect data as it is transmitted from one place to another. They can also use cryptographic techniques to perform machine learning on encrypted data without revealing the raw data. This enables the privacy and security of users to be protected. At the same time, valuable insights can be gained from the data. The OZMX Token, a digital asset on the Bitcoin-Blockchain, buyers of artworks receive on the OZMwebsite in addition to your purchase. This token not only serves as a reward, but binds buyers more closely to the OZM-Community and supports the connection between art and blockchain technology.

The development of an own AI for the OZM - your name is OZMAI – offers many advantages. Such AI can be used, for example, to effectively process large amounts of data and identify patterns as well as trends in the art world. Likewise can OZMAI Help better understand visitor preferences and interests to provide a personalized experience and recommendations. OZMAI can optimize the work, in particular by analyzing and optimizing the management of inventory, orders and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Another benefit of OZMAI is that they dem OZM can help to better understand and use new technologies and innovations in the art world. By continuously collecting and analyzing data and information from the art world, the OZM stay up to date and recognize trends and changes at an early stage. OZMAI is constantly evolving as she learns more and more. In addition, she already enriches the art market as an artist.

Capital, ideas and motivation

In business, the connection between capital, ideas and motivation is closely linked. Capital in the form of resources and money is necessary to implement ideas and carry out projects successfully. Innovative ideas can help optimize business models and create new competitive advantages. A motivated team is involved in realizing the visions and missions of the company. The working atmosphere is therefore another important factor for the success of a project.

The OZM is a non-profit GmbH and pursues cultural and economic goals. Collaboration with renowned graffiti artists such as Oz, Darco FBI, DAIM and LOOMIT shows that the OZM creates and sells unique works of art. Capital plays a crucial role in this OZM financial resources needed to produce, exhibit and sell artworks. A balanced combination of capital, ideas and motivation can help produce innovative works of art and enrich the art scene. The success of an art gallery is therefore closely related to the factors of capital, ideas and motivation. Artists can develop creative ideas to create unique works of art. At the same time, curators, cooperation partners and management can bring in new ideas to plan an attractive program for unique exhibitions. Employee motivation is another important factor in art gallery success, as an motivated workforce can help achieve gallery goals, keep customers and visitors happy, and create a positive atmosphere. In the OZM the artists work and that OZM-Team works together to create art objects that have aesthetic values ​​and a special meaning for the artists themselves and for society. Motivation plays a key role in the production of these works of art.

The OZM gGmbH introduced the concept of trust to create a new value chain aiming at one more zero before the decimal point (OneZeroMore ). Selling artworks and generating revenue contributes to long-term existence and profitability. OZM is an innovative art gallery and non-profit limited company that creates and sells unique works of art through the combination of capital, ideas and motivation.

The decision in which OZM investing depends on the individual goals and interests of the investor. An investment in the OZM however, can have several advantages: 

  1. Cultural Significance: By investing in the OZM you can participate in the promotion of art and culture. The OZM is an innovative art gallery dedicated to creating unique works of art, also using modern technologies such as AI. As an investor, you can help support these cultural activities. 
  2. Financial Return: The OZM has the potential to generate strong financial returns for investors because of the unique artworks and innovative approach of OZM can achieve a high level of appreciation among art lovers and collectors. Investors can also benefit from the company's economic development. 
  3. Social Influence: The OZM is also committed to social projects to have a positive impact on society. By investing in the OZM you can participate in the promotion of these social projects. 
  4. Innovative concept: The OZM pursues a progressive concept that breaks down the boundaries between art, technology and society. An investment in the OZM can therefore also be an opportunity to be involved in a future-oriented company. 

However, every investment involves a degree of risk and it is important to do your research beforehand and to consider your individual risk profile.

Social Investment and Impact Investing

Social investing and impact investing are investment strategies that aim to generate positive social or environmental impact alongside financial returns. The social investments mainly refer to investments in non-profit organizations or companies that are committed to social, cultural or environmental goals to bring about positive change in the community.
Impact investing goes one step further and includes investing in companies or projects that are specifically designed to achieve both financial returns and social or environmental goals. These investments can be in companies that offer products or services that contribute to positive social or environmental impacts, such as digital cultural outreach, renewable energy, or sustainable architecture. Investments can also flow into non-profit organizations that develop innovative solutions to social problems or support socially disadvantaged communities. The goal is always to create positive change by investing in organizations or projects that have a positive social or environmental impact.

Social investment and impact investing aim to make investments in companies, organizations or projects that have a positive social or environmental impact while generating financial returns for the investors.

The non-profit GmbH OZM pursues the purpose:

  • maintenance of art collections
  • Awarding of scholarships
  • Creation of premises for the design of works of all kinds
  • Implementation and curation of exhibitions, lectures and courses.
  • Ideal and financial promotion of other tax-privileged corporations under public law or foreign corporations for the ideal and material promotion of the above purposes.

This Catalog allows buyers to purchase artworks from the catalogue OZM investing not only in an artwork, but also in the gallery's social goals and impact. The buyer thus supports the goals of the gallery and contributes to the fact that artists are offered a platform. Additionally, buying artworks can also have a positive impact on the artists who advance their careers and earn their income.

Overall, the purchase of works of art from the OZM-Catalog a way of Social Impact Investing where the investor not only earns a financial return but also supports and encourages positive social impact.

Machines, living beings and nature

Machines, living beings and nature are connected in various ways. Machines are man-made structures designed to facilitate and automate human labor. However, machines are also part of nature as they are made from natural resources and require energy to function. The manufacture and use of machines also have an impact on nature, as they consume resources, have an impact on the environment and can influence climate change. Living beings are part of nature and have a close relationship with it. Living things depend on nature for their food, air and water. They also have an important role in maintaining natural ecosystems by aiding in pollination, seed dispersal and soil formation. Nature is the real world that includes all living things and their environment. Nature provides resources and ecosystems essential for the survival and well-being of living beings and human societies. Nature is also a unique and valuable asset in its own right and must be protected to preserve its diversity and beauty. Overall, machines, living beings and nature are interconnected in complex ways and influence each other. The effects of their interactions can be far-reaching, with consequences for the environment, the economy, and society as a whole. It is important to understand these interrelationships and act responsibly in order to ensure a sustainable future for all.

Regarding the innovative OZM there are various aspects that illustrate the connection between machines, living beings and nature. The OZM uses machines and technology to exhibit and present his artworks. However, these machines are also part of nature and require energy and resources to function. The OZM may strive to minimize the environmental impact of these technologies and use sustainable energy sources. The OZM also provides artists with a platform to exhibit and sell their artworks. These artworks can relate to the connection between machines, living beings and nature in various ways. For example, they can draw attention to environmental issues, examine the relationship between humans and technology, or depict the beauty and uniqueness of nature. The OZM can also serve as a meeting and networking place where companies and organizations come together to exchange ideas and form collaborations. This networking can help to strengthen the connection between people, machines and nature and to find innovative solutions to environmental and societal challenges. This is a platform to show ideas and collaborations aiming at a better future for everyone.

The OZM uses technology, particularly artificial intelligence, to encourage collaboration between artists and technology. The AI ​​named OZMAI is used to generate artworks that can be further developed by the artists. This creates a collaboration between man and machine that opens up new creative possibilities. The OZM also relies on decentralized, autonomous container architecture to make art accessible in different places without polluting the environment. The containers are reusable and can be used flexibly to enable art exhibitions at different locations. OZM also pursues social and environmental goals by engaging in various projects and initiatives that have a social benefit and respect the environment. OZM understands art as an expression of humanity and as a medium to promote change and innovation. Through the use of technology and cooperation with various partners and networks, this contributes OZM helping to find new ways to make art accessible to all while making a positive impact on society and the environment.

culture, politics and society

Culture, politics and society are closely interwoven and influence each other. Culture encompasses all forms of human expression, including visual arts, music, literature, language, religion and customs. Politics encompasses all decisions and actions taken by governments and other institutions to organize and regulate society. Society refers to the way people live, interact and work together in groups. Culture influences politics by shaping the values, beliefs and traditions of politicians and voters. Politics can influence culture by enacting laws and policies affecting art, language, and customs. Political decisions can also contribute to the production and consumption of culture, for example by providing financial support for cultural activities or by prohibiting certain cultural practices. Social changes influence both culture and politics. For example, social changes in the perception of graffiti, the development of new technologies or the increasing diversity of a society can affect cultural forms of expression and political decisions. Political decisions can also influence social changes, for example by passing laws to promote equal opportunities or to regulate the economy. In general, it can be said that culture, politics and society are in constant interaction. A change in one area can have an impact on the others, which underlines the importance of a comprehensive view and analysis of these connections.

Cultural, political and social relationships are closely linked and have mutual effects. Art has a transformative power to strengthen these connections and bring about change. Works of art, films, music and plays can help to address social issues such as discrimination, environmental problems or social injustice. Artists can use their works to express political ideas and initiate change. Political decisions can affect the way art is produced and consumed. Art can bridge cultural differences and promote understanding between different groups by celebrating cultural diversity and breaking down prejudice and stereotypes. Art can bring about social change by initiating political discussions, promoting understanding between different groups and initiating change.

The OZM is an art gallery dedicated to innovative collaboration between artists, technology and society. The OZM shows works of art by various artists, who often take up social or political issues and thus stimulate discussions. It is not only about the artistic representation, but also about the social effects and implications of the topics. The OZM is also involved in various projects and initiatives that pursue social and ecological goals. The aim here is to bring about positive changes in society through art and creativity and to raise awareness of important issues. In terms of politics, the OZM gGmbH for the promotion of art and creativity and works closely with various institutions and networks to support and strengthen the art scene. The OZM also works to strengthen the role of art in society and to emphasize its importance in political debate and the formation of public opinion. OZM combines art, technology, politics and society in an innovative way and enables new perspectives and ideas to be put into practice. It creates a space for creativity and exchange that is meaningful to society as a whole.

people, companies and networks

People, companies and networks are closely connected and have a significant influence on each other. People are the basic building blocks of companies and networks. Without people there is no business or network as they are the ones generating ideas, making decisions and doing the work. People bring their skills, experience and personalities to companies and networks, which are then able to handle complex tasks and generate added value. Companies are groups of people who come together to fulfill an economic or social task. Businesses can take a variety of forms, from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations. Companies form networks through business relationships, partnerships and collaborations to support each other and achieve common goals. Networks consist of people and companies that are connected to each other and share and use resources together. Networking can take place at many levels, from local communities and industry associations to international relations. Networks can facilitate the exchange of ideas, skills and resources, thereby helping to create new opportunities and innovations. People found and work in companies, which in turn form networks in order to achieve common goals and generate added value. Network technology can facilitate the sharing of resources and ideas, and encourage collaboration between individuals and organizations.

As an innovative art gallery and gGmbH it can OZM have a significant impact on people, companies and networks. First offers that OZM A platform for artists to exhibit and sell their artworks. This allows them to showcase their skills and talents to a wider audience and potentially attract new business partners and customers. The OZM can also help to assist collaborations between artists and other companies and organizations by establishing networks and business contacts. The OZM can also have an impact on the local economy by attracting visitors and creating jobs. Through the exhibition of works of art, this can be done OZM also help tourism and contribute to the cultural development of the region. Furthermore it can OZM as a gGmbH also pursue charitable goals, for example by promoting art education and cultural mediation. The OZM can offer educational programs and workshops to strengthen the artistic skills and cultural sensitivity of children and adults. This way it can OZM also have a positive impact on society. Overall it has OZM as an innovative art gallery and gGmbH, it has the potential to have a broad impact on individuals, companies and networks by promoting artistic talent, establishing networks and business contacts, strengthening the local economy and pursuing charitable goals.

Space, containers and architecture

Space, container and architecture are interconnected as they are all elements that help shape and define spaces and buildings. Containers, especially freight containers, are a cost-effective and sustainable way to construct buildings and create spaces. Architects and designers use containers as building material and use them to create apartments, offices, shops and even entire building complexes. Space, that is, the space occupied by a building or structure, is an important aspect of architecture. They use the available space to create rooms and functions that meet the needs of the users.
Containers are a flexible solution to maximize and optimize the available space. Architecture is ultimately the art and science of designing and planning buildings and structures. Container architecture is an example of an innovative and sustainable approach to the design of spaces and buildings, which is becoming increasingly popular due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The ratio of OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN exhibit and OZM New Space Gallery is that the works of art are made OZM art catalogue  generate funds to build a mobile, decentralized and autonomous container architecture OZM New Space Gallery to accomplish.

The OZM works with artificial intelligence, networks and cooperation with other companies and people. Trust is an important factor in this. The mobile OZM New Space Gallery enables artists to present their work in different places and reach a larger audience. We work with a clear focus on social impact and transparency. OZM New Space Gallery is an example of the innovative use of architecture and Technology to make art accessible and the mission of OZM gGmbH and their cooperation partners.

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