The OZM-Trust concept is at the heart of our organization and is based on openness, collaboration, trust, social responsibility and education. It is comparable to a beehive, in which each 'honeycomb' - represented by a keyword - symbolizes a specific area and contributes to the overall success. Every word reflects an essential aspect of our work and forms a pillar of our community. Together they offer a holistic view of the OZM and its orientation in the world of art and technology.

  1. Adults: People involved including artists, employees and visitors.
  2. Companies: Cooperation partners and participating companies.
  3. Network: Relationships and connections with other actors.
  4. Culture: Promotion and presentation of cultural content.
  5. Politics: Interactions with and influences on political decisions.
  6. Society: Social influences and changes.
  7. Creature: Consideration of all living beings and their needs.
  8. Machine: Use and development of technologies.
  9. Nature: Relation to the environment and sustainability.
  10. Capital: Financial resources and investments.
  11. ideas: Development and promotion of creative concepts.
  12. Motivation: Driving forces and goals of the organization.
  13. Database: Data management and information processing.
  14. Cryptography: Security measures for data and information.
  15. AI: Use of AI technologies in projects.
  16. nonprofit: Commitment to the common good.
  17. Social impact: Social impacts and changes.
  18. Transparent: Openness and transparency in communication.
  19. architecture: Design of rooms and buildings.
  20. Container: The use of containers as building materials and interior design.
  21. Space: The spatial dimension and the spatial concept.

Im OZM-Trust concept, each honeycomb - a hexahedron - represents an expandable area that continuously grows through networks and collaborations. These 21 hexahedrons, which cover a variety of topics and aspects, are not limited, but open to new connections and developments. Together they form a living, evolving structure that enables the emergence and expansion of a dynamic society. Every addition, every new partner contributes to this OZM-To enrich the trust concept and strengthen the community.

Non-profit, transparent and social impact

The OZM gGmbH, committed to art, culture, education and civic engagement, strives for social impact and transparency through its nonprofit orientation. It promotes artistic education and art participation in order to make a positive contribution to society. Supported by partnerships with educational institutions OZM the creative development of young people and contributes to the art scene in Hamburg.

OZM (OneZeroMore) is a platform dedicated to educational advancement and social responsibility. We offer courses and workshops and are involved in social projects.

A cooperation with OZM is useful for sharing knowledge, making it accessible to others and showing social responsibility. It can improve your own image, reach a larger target group, promote creativity and support the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

AI, Databases and Cryptography

The combination of AI, databases and cryptography in OZM leads to innovative approaches to art education. OZMAI, our AI, analyzes and connects works of art, supported by secure databases and cryptography. The OZMX Token connects works of art with their history and promotes the connection between art and blockchain.

Inspired by Leibniz's vision of binary code and the motto 'One Zero More' OZM, these technologies enable free and secure art management.

OZM stands as a place of constant reinvention, where creative, unconventional technology applications pave the way for socially relevant developments.

Capital, ideas and motivation

In business, the connection between capital, ideas and motivation is central. Capital, both financial and in the form of resources, is necessary to transform innovative ideas into successful projects. A motivated team is essential to realize visions and create a positive working atmosphere.

The OZM gGmbH, a nonprofit art gallery, exemplifies this by collaborating with notable artists and creating unique works of art. Capital enables the production and sale of art, while ideas and motivation contribute to its success. By the OZM-Trust concept “OneZeroMore” creates an innovative value chain that combines capital, ideas and motivation to combine art and economic efficiency.

The OZM Art Space Gallery was the place where many works of art were created that have their own history and meaning. With the transition to OZM New Space Gallery arises from the purchase of art OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN Exhibit creates added value: New spaces are created and technologies are used for art education. Artists can continue to explore the limits of their creativity. Each image is a source of inspiration and contributes to continuous renewal and innovation. Art is therefore not only a cultural enrichment, but also an ideal investment.

Social Investment and Impact Investing

Social investing and impact investing aim to achieve positive social or environmental change alongside financial returns. The OZM gGmbH supports these approaches through:

  • maintenance of art collections
  • Awarding of scholarships
  • Creation of spaces for artistic works
  • Implementation and curation of exhibitions and courses
  • Support for other non-profit organizations

The purchase of works of art from the OZM-Catalog not only supports the artists, but also the social and cultural goals of the gallery. Each purchase contributes to the social impact and support of artists, which is a form of social impact investing.

Machines, living beings and nature

The OZM creates new perspectives and perspectives on life, nature and the use of machines through its premises and the use of advanced technologies. These innovative approaches make it possible to experience and interpret art differently, re-exploring the connections between people, technology and the environment.

Through the use of AI, like OZMAI, and the use of environmentally friendly structures such as container architectures opens this up OZM new ways to present works of art while promoting social and environmental values. This multidimensional approach allows this OZM, to act as a pioneer for innovative art and technology.

culture, politics and society

Culture, politics and society influence each other and art plays a transformative role.

The OZM utilizes these connections by presenting works of art that reflect social and political issues and stimulate discussion. It is committed to projects that pursue social and environmental goals in order to bring about positive change.

By integrating art, technology, politics and society, this creates OZM innovative perspectives and promotes creativity and exchange. It underlines the importance of art in society and its role in political debate and opinion formation.

people, companies and networks

The OZM connects people, companies and networks through innovative art and technology. As a node in this network, this offers OZM A platform for artists, strengthens the local economy and promotes education and culture.

The integration of network technologies opens up new opportunities for exchange and collaboration, broadens horizons and enables the emergence of new ideas and innovations.

The OZM not only influences the art scene, but also society as a whole by promoting artistic talent and contributing to cultural development and social change.

Space, containers and architecture

The connection between space, containers and architecture OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN exhibit and the OZM New Space Gallery is evident in the innovative use of containers as a flexible, mobile construction method.

This modular and flexible structure allows spaces and exhibitions to be constantly renewed and adapted to new innovations. The use of containers symbolizes responsible use of resources, as they are reusable and easily adaptable.

This type of architecture makes it possible to generate financial resources for the design of new, decentralized spaces through the sale of works of art. At the same time, the use of AI, networks and collaborations is promoted, with trust playing a key role.

The OZM New Space Gallery serves as a platform to present art in various locations, with a focus on social impact and transparency. This approach demonstrates the innovative use of architecture and technology to make art accessible to a wider audience.

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