The history of the OZM Art Space Gallery starts in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel and goes on. Over a decade, a work of art was created that was so unique that it defied any attempt at categorization. A place was created that existed with and through graffiti and grew into a total work of art over the years. On this foundation we offer with the power of "Panorama 3D“ a new (2017) complex form of virtual experience and the essence of the artistic creation of the works for sale. Everything else belongs to the past, is in the process of change and means a new development step for us. With this in mind, we look forward to your commitment so that we can continue to offer wonderful art enjoyment in the future.

It has been a long journey from our first experimental virtual spaces over 20 years ago to today. We are currently working on several projects OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN to be experienced virtually. Each of these individual small pieces of the mosaic lead to a larger whole. The multitude of different digital fields of activity range from artificial intelligence to biometrics to application examples of IOT technology, 3D and web applications.

Next we will OZM HAMMERBROOKLYN  find out, does this building have something like a ghost? Can he/she communicate with us in the form of artificial intelligence and what actions can he take.