The old OZM Gallery is metaphorically scorched in the sun. The ashes lie dark and gray at our feet. But in the middle, signs are already forming that point to something new and incredible...

Looking at old records and pictures, one sometimes becomes aware of how some things anticipate others: We recently realized that the artist Won ABC sometimes paints prophetic pictures with a strong symbolism. Take a look at the former mural on the front of the old one OZM Gallery on, the phoenix and corona of the eclipse are clearly visible. The artist could not have left us a more symbolic message at the time, because it couldn't be clearer: Hardly anything is for eternity.

This has been working for many months OZM team in Hammerbrook; the artists create their works of art and help design the exhibition rooms. For most, the current situation only spurs them on to create something creative that is of artistic, exclusive and social value and will shape the art and culture scene in Hamburg and beyond its city limits in the long term. As soon as the exhibit has been completely designed inside and out, the total work of art can be visited under certain conditions.

That is why we work enthusiastically on and in the exhibit every day HAMMERBROOKLYN continue and show as a team that we don't let ourselves be defeated and that we are able to organize ourselves even in a somewhat more complicated time. We definitely want to go back on stage, because the thinking and creating has to go on. The combined power that the artists and the rest of the crew show is enormous.

So most of the works in the exhibition rooms of the artist Darko Caramello Nikolic have been finished in the last few days. The majority of his works of art are hanging or standing in the right place and the exhibition texts are also almost complete. After the finishing touches is the first exhibition in Hammerbrook, which is entitled reciprocity carries, ready.

The works can also be found in the artist's exhibition rooms MIR In the last trains. This means that the second exhibition will soon be able to unfold its full appeal.

We are also very pleased that the artist Davis One has found his way to our collective and has moved into his new workspace in Hammbrook.

Our screen printer Matten Shredconnection has also finished his weeks of work in his workshop. Now it's time to get to the meatballs and print, print, print as much as you can. The various art items will soon be available for purchase in the online shop.

Another great news is that the UpTheWall project has started. We are more than happy that the two artists DAIM and SIMO started with their murals on the outer facades. This allows passers-by to slowly get an idea of ​​what a magnificent gem is still hidden behind the thick walls. Today our logo was also attached to the roof. It radiates into the distance as an official sign and now presents us to the outside world as an institution.

We are also happy and satisfied with our new front door. At first glance, the new piece appears monumental and compact at the same time. But it has a great effect, because one wonders what is supposed to be behind it. Is it a vault door or a bulkhead? But it immediately becomes clear that there must be something of value inside.

Right next to it, in the entrance area, is the exhibition of the artist group Sablage. It is interesting to see how the artists incorporate the surrounding architecture and the new door into their installation.

A lot is also happening in the digital sector: Alex Heimkind and I are in the process of filling the new homepage with content and making it "pretty". Since this is an extremely lengthy and dynamic process, new sections, texts and images will appear again and again; others may disappear again. The online shop is also under construction, so that the works of art and our art products will be available to the public and can be purchased very soon. And finally, it should be said that the virtual exhibitions are also in the making.

... The phoenix isn't in sight yet, but the rocket with us on board went off with a loud bang. It will take some time, but we are in the process of spreading our wings again with pomp and glory.