Who thinks when you hear the stage name ›mittenimwald‹ not to the saying "can't see the forest for the trees" - and that's exactly where the journey leads. To a place that is only perceived as such once you have walked all the way there yourself. Right in the heart of a detailed pop propagandistic stencil art world in red, white and black. is this art mittenimwald denies it. One thing is certain: craftsmanship meets graphic ability. Extremely detailed, hand-cut stencils, sprayed with spray cans onto the carefully primed, organic material wood. 

Cleverly arranged, multi-layered stencil art on the verge of airbrushing. Young, pretty, subcultural ladies look at us meaninglessly, revolutionaries, pop icons, dictators and other immortals boldly enthrone messages such as »fuck art«, »wash your dirty money with my art«, »enjoy capitalism«, »banker to hell «. And again and again – »vandalism«. If we have more or less found the way here by ourselves, we are left alone again right here - in the middle of the forest, in an epoch full of abundance and with a shortage administration. The content has exhausted itself in order to preserve the form - but the interpretation sovereignty lies with the viewer.

Photos by Randy Rocket
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